The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (Review)

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Hello, my name is Charles, and I’m here to review The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for the PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube. This game was first released on November 2, 2004.

In this game, you take control of six warriors as you play through all three Lord of the Rings movies while aiding the Fellowship against the dark forces of Mordor.

The main protagonists are

  • Berethor (Human/Male)(Captain of the Citadel Guard of Gondor)(Weapon: Sword & Shield),
  • Idrial (Elf/Female)(Weapons: Sword/Elven Magic),
  • Elegost (Human/Male)(Dunedain Ranger)(Weapon: Bow & Arrows),
  • Hadhod (Dwarf/Male)(Weapons: Axes & War Hammers),
  • Morwen (Human/Female)(Maiden of Rohan)(Weapon: Dual Rohirrim Battle Axes),
  • Eaoden (Human/Male)(Royal Guard of Rohan/Rohirrim Outrider)(Weapon: Spear.)

The heroes you aid in this game are

  • Gandalf the Grey, 
  • Aranel (Idrial’s brother), 
  • Legolas Greenleaf, 
  • Gimli, 
  • Aragorn, 
  • Faramir, 
  • Gandalf the White, and 
  • Eowyn (Shield Maiden of Rohan.)

In this game, you traverse through nine areas, which are comprised of multiple iconic locations. These areas and locations are

  • Eregion (The Forest Outskirts of Rivendell/The Pass of Caradhras/Weathertop/The Fellowship’s Campsite/Moria’s Western Entrance),
  • Moria: West Side (The Watcher in the Water’s Lair/The Fellowship’s Campsite/Moria’s Mithril Pit/Moria’s Throne Room/Moria’s Hall of Records),
  • Moria: East Side (Balin’s Tomb/Moria’s Burial House/The Bridge of Khazad-Dum),
  • East Emnet Gullies (The Argonath/Rohan’s Outpost),
  • Rohan: Home of the Horse Lords (Edge of Fanghorn Forest/Snowbourne Bridge/Snowbourne Village),
  • Helm’s Deep (The Great Hall/The Deeping Wall/The Main Gate),
  • Osgiliath (The River/The Sewers),
  • Minas Tirith (Courtyard/The 3rd Level’s Gateway/The 7th Level’s Citadel) and
  • The Fields of Pelennor.

The enemies you fight in this game are:

  • Orcs,
  • The Wild Men of Dunland, 
  • Wargs, 
  • Goblins, 
  • Trolls, 
  • Uruk-Hai, 
  • Easterlings from Rhun, and 
  • Mumakil of Harad. 

The antagonists you fight in this game are: 

  • The Watcher in the Water, 
  • The Balrog of Morgoth, 
  • Grima Wormtongue, 
  • Sharku: Orc Warg-Rider Captain, 
  • Gothmog: Orc Army Commander, 
  • The Witch-King of Angmar, 
  • The Nazgul (Ringwraiths), and 
  • Sauron: The Dark Lord of Mordor.

 Throughout the game, Gandalf ‘speaks’ to Berethor by means of “Epic Scenes”; film clips which the player can collect and which feature original narration by Gandalf. These clips give context to much of the plot and serve to offer advice to Berethor of events in the wider world.

In conclusion, I find this game to be a complete anniversary celebration to Middle-Earth’s lore and history as well as to J. R. R. Tolkien’s memory and legacy. Thus, I recommend this game to those who are Middle-Earth fans of RPG (Role Playing Games), Quests and Action/Adventures.


Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask (Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask for the PlayStation 2. This game was first released on March 18, 2004.

In this game, the main protagonist you play will either be a boy or a girl, per your choice. In this game, you somehow end up being transported from the storehouse at your family’s shrine in modern Tokyo all the way back to feudal Japan. Once there, you team up with Inuyasha and his friends as you try to find a way back to your era, as well as to unlock the mysteries behind your newfound, cosmic powers called Shikigami.

The protagonists in this game are:

  • Michiru Kururugi: Male/Kaname Kururugi: Female (Main Protagonist)(Human)(Power: Shikigami);
  • Inuyasha: Male (A Hanyo – Translation: Half-Demon)(Weapons: Claws/Sword-Tetsusaiga);
  • Kagome Higurashi: Female (Human)(Weapons: Spiritual Powers/Bow & Arrows);
  • Shippo: Male (Fox Demon Child)(Weapon: Fox Magic/Transformation Abilities);
  • Miroku: Male (Human/Monk)(Weapons: Staff/Sacred Sutras/Wind Tunnel-A Cursed Power imbedded in his Right Hand);
  • Sango: Female (Human/Demon Slayer)(Weapons: Sword/A Giant Boomerang called Hiraikotsu); and
  • Sesshomaru: Male (Dog Demon/Inuyasha’s Older Step-Brother)(Weapons: Claws/Swords-Tenseiga and Tokijin).

The antagonists in this game are:

  • Naraku: Male (Demon),
  • Kagura: Female (Demon/Wind Sorceress),
  • Kanna: Female (Demon/Kagura’s Little Sister)
  • Kohaku: Male (Human/Sango’s Little Brother/Demon Slayer),
  • Koga: Male (Wolf Demon/Inuyasha’s Rival),
  • Utsugi: Male/Female (Main Antagonist)

In conclusion, I found this to be one of the best Role Playing Games that I ever played. The story line was very interesting and kept me involved in the game.  I would strongly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of all things anime.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Game Review)

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Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Unlike other Lord of the Rings video games, this game’s storyline is entirely based on the first Lord of the Rings book.


The cast of playable characters in this game are Frodo Baggins (Hobbit)(Weapons: Dagger/Elven Blade-Sting/Stones/Mithril Shirt/The One Ring), Aragorn (Human)(Weapons: LongSword/Sword of Kings-Anduril the Flame of the West) and Gandalf (Wizard)(Weapons: Elven Blade-Glamdring the FoeHammer/Magic-Fire Blast, Chain Lightning and Heal).


The protagonists in this game are Samwise “Sam” Gamgee (Hobbit),

Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck (Hobbit),

Peregrin “Pippin” Took (Hobbit),

Tom Bombadil,

Glorfindel (Elf),

Lord Elrond (Elf),

Arwen (Elf),

Bilbo Baggins (Hobbit),

Boromir (Human),

Legolas (Elf),

Gimli (Dwarf),

Lord Celeborn (Elf) and Lady Galadriel (Elf).


The antagonists in this game are The Nazgul “Ring-Wraiths”,

Old Man Willow (Tree),





The Watcher in the Water (Sea Monster),


The Balrog of Morgoth “Durin’s Bane”,

Uruk-Hai and the Fell Beasts.


In conclusion, I liked how they based this game on its novel counterpart instead of its movie counterpart. It was truly in fact an incredibly, ingenious/imaginative accomplishment on their part as well as an honorably, utmost praise to J. R. R. Tolkien himself.

(Opening & Intro)

(Tom Bombadil VS Barrow-Wight)

Scooby-Doo!: Night of 100 Frights (Review)



Image result for scooby doo night of 100 frights

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review Scooby-Doo!: Night of 100 Frights for the Sony PlayStation 2. This game is also available for the Microsoft Xbox as well as the Nintendo GameCube.


In this game, you play as Scooby Doo as he tries to solve the mystery of Professor Alexander Graham’s Disappearance as well as rescue his captured friends from a ghoul called The Mastermind and an assortment of Scooby Doo’s greatest foes. Don Knotts also guest-stars in this game as a Spooky Groundskeeper.


The cast of characters in this game are:

Scooby Doo,

Shaggy Rogers,

Fred Jones,

Daphne Blake,

Velma Dinkley,

Professor Alexander Graham & Holly Graham.


The antagonists in this game are:

The Mastermind (Boss/Main Villain),

The Black Knight (Boss/Episode: What a Night for a Knight),

The Ghost of Redbeard the Pirate (Boss/Episode: Go Away Ghost Ship),

The Green Ghost (Boss/Episode: A Night of Fright is No Delight),

Caveman (Episode: Scooby’s Night with a Frozen Fright),

The Creeper(Episode: Jeepers, It’s the Creeper),

Funland Robot (Episode: Foul Play in Funland),

Captain Cutler the Ghost Diver (Episode: A Clue for Scooby Doo),

Geronimo (Episode: Decoy for a Dognapper),

Headless Spectre (Episode: Haunted House Hang-Up),

Space Kook (Episode: Spooky Space Kook),

Tar Monster (Episode: The Tar Monster) and the Witch Doctor (Episode: A Tiki Scare is No Fair).


In conclusion, I found this game to be really fun and incredibly hilarious, especially during certain points in the game when you hear audience-based laughter in the background because when I hear said laughter in the background it makes me feel like I’m actually part of the Scooby-Doo! TV franchise.

Transformers 2004(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I am here to review Transformers 2004 for the PlayStation 2. This game’s storyline is based entirely on the Transformers: Armada animated TV series.


In this game, the Autobots try to find and rescue the Minicons while battling against the evil Decepticons and their DeceptiClone Army who are attempting to find and enslave the Minicons. Most of the game takes place on Planet Earth with the game’s final level taking place on Planet Cybertron.


The locations in this game are as followed:

The Amazon Rainforest,


The Deep Amazon Jungle,

The Mid-Atlantic Ocean,


StarScream’s Starship,

An Island in the Pacific Ocean,

Iacon City on the Planet Cybertron.


The Autobot protagonists in this game are as followed:

Red Alert (Medic)(Vehicle: Ambulance)(Minicon partner: LongArm),

Hot Shot (Scout/Warrior)(Vehicle: Sports Car)(Minicon partner: Jolt),

Optimus Prime (Commander/Leader)(Vehicle: Semi-Truck)(Minicon partner: SparkPlug).


The Decepticon antagonists in this game are as followed:

Cyclonus (Warrior/Scout)(Vehicle: Helicopter)(Minicon partner: CrumpleZone),

Tidal Wave (Warrior/SuperWeapon)(Vehicle: Aircraft Carrier),

StarScream (Warrior/Swordsman)(Vehicle: Fighter Jet)(Minicon partner: Swindle),

Megatron (Commander/Leader)(Vehicle: Tank)(Minicon partner: Leader-1),

Unicron (Chaos-Bringer/Planet-Eater)(Vehicle: Planet)(Minicon partner: Dead End).


In conclusion, I believe this game truly lives up to its animated TV series counterpart therefore extending the Transformers franchise to new heights. Thus I end this article via the wise words of Optimus Prime himself: Till All Are One!

(Optimus Prime)


(Hot Shot)


(Red Alert)








(Tidal Wave)