Preview Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie. 

This movie is a two-part anime film that serves as both a direct continuation as well as a 4th season for the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series. The 1st part of this movie was released in Japan on January 8, 2021 and the 2nd part was released in Japan on February 11, 2021.

The protagonists are

  • Usagi Tsukino, aka Eternal Sailor Moon,
  • Chibiusa, aka Sailor MiniMoon,
  • Ami Mizuno, aka Sailor Mercury,
  • Rei Hino, aka Sailor Mars,
  • Makoto Kino, aka Sailor Jupiter,
  • Minako Aino, aka Sailor Venus,
  • Haruka Tenoh, aka Sailor Uranus,
  • Michiru Kaioh, aka Sailor Neptune,
  • Setsuna Meioh, aka Sailor Pluto,
  • Hotaru Tomoe, aka Sailor Saturn,
  • Mamoru Chiba, aka Tuxedo Mask, and
  • Luna, Artemis, Diana and Pegasus/Helios.

The antagonists are

  • Queen Nehelenia,
  • Zirconia,
  • The Amazon Trio (Fish Eye,Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye), and
  • The Amazon Quartet (CereCere the Trapeze Artist, PallaPalla the Sphere Juggler, JunJun the Acrobat and VesVes the Beast Tamer).

In conclusion, this two-part movie is the first Sailor Moon feature film to be released in America in 21 years, following the release of Sailor Moon Movie 3: SuperS! Black Dream Hole in September, 2000. This movie will premiere on Thursday, June 3, 2021 via Netflix and most likely on other streaming services as well.

Sailor Moon Eternal Render Movie by QueenPenguinArt on DeviantArt