Review: SD Gundam Force

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the anime series SD (Superior Defender) Gundam Force.

This series consists of 52 episodes (26 episodes per season), making it the longest Gundam series ever broadcast. The storyline of this series involves multiple dimensions as well as characters who traverse between them.

The dimensional locations that are introduced in Season 1 are:

  • The Dark Axis’ home dimension (A dark and desolate realm where evil is absolute);
  • The City of Neotopia (A modern-themed city where people and robots live/work/play together in peace and prosperity); and
  • The Kingdom of Lacroa (A medieval Europe-themed realm where chivalrous knights and magic reign supreme).

The dimensional locations that are introduced in Season 2 are:

  • The Minov Boundary Sea (A location that is set between dimensions); and
  • The Land of Ark (A feudal Japan-themed country where courage and honorable swordsmanship stand triumphant).

In this series, The Dark Axis intends to invade/conquer/destroy any and all dimensions they come across. Fortunately, there is a military force in Neotopia known as the SDG (Super Dimensional Guard), whose goal is to protect/save/restore any and all dimensions in distress.

The main protagonists in both seasons of this series are:

  • Shute (Human Boy)(SDG! Special Member)(Home: Neotopia);
  • Princess Rele (Full Name: Relehimana Miya de Lacroa)(Human Girl)(Home: Lacroa);
  • Captain Gundam (Military Gundam)(Home: Neotopia)(Weapons: Helmet-equipped Vulcans/Wrist-mounted Missile Launchers/Light Beam Rifle/Shield/Beam Saber);
  • Zero: The Winged Knight (Knight Gundam)(Home: Lacroa)(Weapons: Legendary, Sacred Buster Sword/Shield/Magic/Flight); and
  • Bakunetsumaru: The Blazing Samurai (Musha Gundam)(Home: Ark)(Companion: Entengo, Bakunetsumaru’s trusty steed)(Weapons: Twin Katanas “The right-sheathed sword he wields in his left hand is one of Ark’s Five Sacred Swords”).

The main antagonists in Season 1 are:

  • Zapper Zaku (Squad Leader #1)(Home: The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Twin Machine Guns/A Shoulder-mounted Giant Gatling Gun/An Axe);
  • Grappler Gouf (Squad Leader #2)(Home: The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Sword/Shield/Claw Arm/Left Arm-based Missile Launcher);
  • Destroyer Dom (Squad Leader #3)(Home: The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Twin One-handed Bazookas); and
  • Commander Sazabi (Invasion Force Leader)(Home: The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Body-Infused Beam Blasters/Chest & Shoulder-infused Cannons/Energy Shield/Twin Beam Sabers.)

The main antagonists in Season 2 are:

  • Deathscythe: Knight of Darkness (Home: Lacroa/The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Dual-sided Energy Scythe/Dark Magic);
  • Kibaomaru: Warlord of Ark (Home: ARK/The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Katana/The Zanba Sword “A Long, Jagged Blade resembling a Lightning Bolt);
  • Professor Gerbera aka Madnug (Chief Science Officer)(Home: The Dark Axis)(Weapon: Twin Beam Rifles); and
  • General Zeong (An Evil Mecha-Deity as well as the Leader of The Dark Axis)(Home: The Dark Axis)(Weapons: Hand Cannons/Mouth-infused Mega Cannon).

Truly, this series is a perfect cross between U.S. cartoons and Japanese animations.

There is also a Gameboy Advance version of this series that covers the events of the 1st season, as well as a PlayStation 2 version of this series called SD Gundam Force: Showdown, which has its own original story.

In conclusion, I found this Gundam series to be a totally funny, excitingly entertaining and incredibly awesome.

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SD Gundam Force (TV Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the anime series SD Gundam Force (the SD stands for Superior Defender). This anime series consists of 52 episodes (2 seasons/26 episodes each).


The story setting takes place in multiple dimensions. The different dimensions are in fact the City of Neotopia (a Futuristic-based Realm where Humans, Gundams and Robots work, live and play together), the Kingdom of LaCroa (a Medieval-based Realm populated by Humans, Knight Gundams and Mystical Spirits)(we see three spirits in series. The spirits are the Griffin-Season 1, the Steel Dragon-Season 2 and the Feather Dragon-Seasons 1 & 2), the Land of Ark (a Feudal Era-based Realm populated by Samurai Gundams) and the Dark Axis (a dark realm populated by Evil Gundams who plan to conquer all dimensions as well as to Enslave & Destroy any and all Robots).


The protagonists in this series are:


Captain Gundam (home dimension: Neotopia)(equipment: Shield, Blaster, Beam Saber and Beam Lance)(ultimate technique: Captain Punch),


Zero the Winged Knight (home dimension: the Kingdom of LaCroa)(equipment: Shield, Legendary-Sacred Buster Sword and the Twin-Buster Sword)(ultimate techniques: Super, Magical Violet Tornado and Super Spirit Magic: Infinite Winds),


Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai (home dimension: the Land of Ark)(equipment: Twin Katanas-the right-handed sword is in fact one of Ark’s Five Sacred Swords)(ultimate technique: Secret Arts-Bakunetsu: Tenkyoken),


(Captain Gundam, Zero and Bakunetsumaru’s group ultimate technique is the Gundam Force: Triple Attack).


The antagonists in this series are:


Zapper Zaku (home dimension: the Dark Axis)(equipment: Twin Machine Blasters, a Shoulder-Mounted Gatling Turret and a Vibrational Axe),


Grappler Gouf (home dimension: the Dark Axis)(Equipment: Shield, Sword, Claw an a Arm-Mounted Missile Launcher),


Destroyer Dom (home dimension: the Dark Axis)(Equipment: Twin Missile Cannons),


(Zaku, Gouf and Dom’s group ultimate technique is the Triple-Ultra Technique: Final, Deadly, Screaming, Chaos Catastrophe).


In conclusion, I found this particular Gundam-related series to be more funny, cartoonish and more kid-friendly than other Gundam anime series cause compared to other Gundams, the Gundams in this series are so really cool and incredibly cute in their Chibi-forms.


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