Hello, my name is Jose and I am going to write an article about my experience in the ceramics department. I work in the ceramics department with Ms. Ann Richards. She is very professional, but loving and caring person. I enjoy working with her. In Ceramics, I have learned how to make a bunch of items and make them fast. Before I learned how to make objects correctly, I was not very good. The first time I tried it, I would just slap the paint on. Ann did not like that! In order to grow, Ann told me to watch how Alex did it. Then I got better watching a pro at work. Alex really paid attention to his work. He would really go in and get every single divot, working inside and out from the center all the way to the outside. Because I am now a skilled ceramics student, I know how much paint to put on. It varies how many coats of paint I use and I also know about how gentle to stroke with the brush. Ms. Ann showed me about Painting with very light strokes to get the right quality of work.These are the many hard skills I have learned in ceramics. We make round flowers and birds and butterflies. Recently as in, last Thursday, I moved up to 3d objects. Mushrooms, for example. My experience in ceramics has taught me how to be a more gentle and attentive artist. I took 3d design in high school but did poorly every semester. Doing work in this dept. Has brought back to me a new sense of strength and purpose because I stunk at ceramics in high school but now I own it. Ceramics makes me feel good. When I see the finished product, I feel proud of myself. I like how it makes me feel when someone buys my product. Knowing, that someone is going to enjoy it later on gives me satisfaction because I know all my hard work went into someone’s happiness.


How Being at SEEDs has Affected My Job

How Being at SEEDs has Affected My Job

I have been going to SEEDs for about 6 years now, but I have also been working at Frys for almost 7 years. I want to tell you all how being at SEEDs has affected my job at Frys. My position at Fry’s is a courtesy clerk. My job consists of bagging people’s groceries, pushing in carts, putting items away, and helping people put groceries in their car. The following skills at SEEDs have helped me at work significantly.

SEEDs has taught me a lot of skills that have helped me in the workplace. One skill that I have learned here at SEEDs is to stay calm in stressful situations. Another skill is to have a good attitude at work. I have also learned to be more assertive at work. The skills that I have learned at SEEDs have made me a much better employee than I used to be.

For those reading this article and who want a job, here is some advice that might help you: The first is be on time to work. Managers do not like it when you are late on a consistent basis. The second is to pay attention and do what the managers tell you to do and do it well. Another important skill is to have a good attitude when coming into work. If you have a bad attitude, it can affect not only your work, but everyone else at work.

If you take my advice and apply these in the workplace you can be very successful at work. And that is how the skills that I have learned at SEEDs have helped me at work.