Alien Woodlands


  On a world far from earth in a forest with trees taller than the mountains, rests a village of humans brought by a race of beings long ago. The people here have evolved to have much longer lifespans and have what some would call powers. Among them is boy about 14 or 15 years old loved by the village and all the living creatures that live on the world. This boy is me and this world is my home. The trees hold houses built into the trunks of the tallest trees. The sound of our music can be heard from miles away.  I don’t age and I have a lot of friends. Life is peaceful and we get wild storms, though the trees protect us from the strong winds and lightning. Tonight is a rite of passage for me. It is how I get my name.

by J.L. Wolffire


The Edge of the World

I stand at the end of a path that drops off into an endless darkness.  A massive earthquake had caused the path ahead to fall into darkness below. Looking down I see broken pipes pouring water into the pit of endless shadow. A large rock falls away and falls into the dark abyss. I have been tasked with exploring the abyss –  a job that is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Who knows what I will find… or if there is anything down there at all aside from the shadows.

by J.L.Wolffire