Central Park TV Show Review by Sonja

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I recently started watching a show created by the people who made Bob’s Burgers called Central Park. The show is about a family that lives in Central Park in New York and The Dad works for the park. So far it’s been really charming and it has amazing musical numbers. It’s really fun to watch. The characters are charming as well. One of the characters is voiced by the guy who did the voice of Olaf from Frozen which was a great surprise for me. If you like Bob’s Burgers and quirky humor you’re going to love Central Park. 


The Goldbergs: Erica Goldberg

The Goldbergs is a funny show about a Jewish family in Pennsylvania. The premise is that each episode is based off of the life of Adam Goldberg, the creator of the show, who had compiled a bunch of family videos, to show what it was like to grow up in the 1980s. At the end of each episode, we see some of the actual videos, and interviews of the real life Goldbergs, and it’s always amazing to see how spot on some of the depictions are. Even though it’s based off of parts of his life, it’s still fiction. My favorite character is Erica Goldberg.

In the show, Erica Goldberg, cast by Hayley Orrantia, is the older sister to Adam. She’s your typical bossy big sister, and also the popular kid in school. She also thinks that her musical talent, and singing abilities are going to help her make it big time. As the show progresses, and she gets older, she begins to act like she knows everything. In the end, she always comes through to stand up for her little brother Adam, and is often at odds with her other younger brother, and middle child, Barry.

I highly recommend you watch the show Goldbergs, and hopefully you enjoy Erica Goldberg as much as I do. It will be more fun if you watch from the beginning.

Jake M.