The Importance of Being Professional

The Importance of Being Professional

Being professional at the work place is really important. A critical part of being a professional is your attitude. Hand in hand with your attitude and behavior, is your appearance and how you dress. Another part of being professional is your work ethic. We have been working on being professional at SEEDs and we would like to teach you some things we learned.

A big part of being professional is your attitude. Having a good attitude makes you cohesive with your coworkers and supervisors. This is important because it helps work go smoothly and more efficiently. If you have a bad attitude, then there will be consequences. One of those consequences is that your co-workers won’t want to be around you. Along with a good attitude you have to have a professional appearance.
Another part in being professional is your appearance, it will boost your self confidence at work and it will send an important message to everyone around you, and also influence how we feel about ourselves. For men and women it’s important to brush your teeth and to shave so you don’t look messy.

Some characteristics of having a good work ethic is being diligent and hard working. Another part of having a good work ethic is being on time. Being safe on the job is also important because there can be dangerous equipment and you don’t want to hurt yourself. Following procedures is very critical because you want to leave the facility as clean as possible for your co-workers, supervisors, and even yourself. Leaving a neat facility presents a positive image to the people who work there, and it also shows you are professional.
The dress codes for women are a little bit different then it is for men. For women its either skirts, dresses, or pants. For men its just khaki’s or regular dress pants.

Being professional is very important in the office. It presents a good impression to the boss. He or she is more likely to hire someone who looks professional over someone who is not. You will get an opportunity for advancement within that specific company as a result of being professional. So if you’re a good employee to your employer then you are more likely to get a raise.

Being professional at the work place is really important because it shows you’re a good employee. Being at work on time or a little bit early shows you’re ready to do the job in a timely manner. Also showing a good attitude and appearance helps show the boss you’re worthy of advancement. The importance of being professional and other life skills like these are some of the things we have learned here at SEEDs.

~ Megan


How Being at SEEDs has Affected My Job

How Being at SEEDs has Affected My Job

I have been going to SEEDs for about 6 years now, but I have also been working at Frys for almost 7 years. I want to tell you all how being at SEEDs has affected my job at Frys. My position at Fry’s is a courtesy clerk. My job consists of bagging people’s groceries, pushing in carts, putting items away, and helping people put groceries in their car. The following skills at SEEDs have helped me at work significantly.

SEEDs has taught me a lot of skills that have helped me in the workplace. One skill that I have learned here at SEEDs is to stay calm in stressful situations. Another skill is to have a good attitude at work. I have also learned to be more assertive at work. The skills that I have learned at SEEDs have made me a much better employee than I used to be.

For those reading this article and who want a job, here is some advice that might help you: The first is be on time to work. Managers do not like it when you are late on a consistent basis. The second is to pay attention and do what the managers tell you to do and do it well. Another important skill is to have a good attitude when coming into work. If you have a bad attitude, it can affect not only your work, but everyone else at work.

If you take my advice and apply these in the workplace you can be very successful at work. And that is how the skills that I have learned at SEEDs have helped me at work.