Saturday Faturday

YouTube Channel: Saturday Faturday

YouTubers: Shawn Blakey, AJ Chin, and Damian Chung

Blog Written By: Kira

Every Saturday my cousins Shawn Blakey, AJ Chin, and Damian Chung all go to small local restaurants and film and give feedback about the food they eat. They try to give the small local restaurants attention so other people can go and eat their delicious food.  On their YouTube channel they have 2.61K subscribers. My dad, my brother, and I go to lunch with my cousins sometimes. My favorite restaurant that they went to is Myungrang dog. They have Korean corn dogs. My favorite corn dog from them is the mozzarella potato dog. It’s a deep fried crunchy corn dog shell that has little tater tots on top and inside it’s stuffed mozzarella cheese. You can also add sugar if you want too. Myungrang dog is located in Mesa, AZ. 

Saturday Faturday


2 thoughts on “Saturday Faturday

  1. AJ July 22, 2022 / 11:28 pm

    Excellent write up Kira!


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