Kindness Club at SEEDs for Autism

As part of our exciting online programming, SEEDs for Autism created a series of virtual groups, workshops and clubs where adults on the autism spectrum can connect with their peers through shared interests and opportunities. In the Kindness Club, SEEDs participants come together and find ways to cultivate kindness in our community! Last month the Kindness Club worked with Ashleigh at the Arizona Humane Society to make toys for the shelter cats!

After we finished making the toys, Ashleigh gave us a zoom tour of the Humane Society and showed us all the animals they have as well as the rooms of what they do there.
The type of animals they take are dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets and some other animals. They bring in animals when their family can no longer take care of their pets, if they are abused, brought in by law enforcement, sick and injured, emergencies etc. For the animals they do take in they spay and neuter them, give them food and shelter and take care of their injuries. After the animal is healthy they go to foster homes or get ready to be placed for adoption. Before they get adopted they need to be able to eat and drink on their own. Also they make sure to place them in a safe home and give them a second chance at life with a new family.
The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers. They are a non profit organization and always looking for donations, as well as other things that they have on their website.

To learn more about the Arizona Humane Society and find out how you can help,
please visit their website

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Shopping at SEEDs for Autism

We are happy to announce the return of in store shopping at SEEDs for Autism! Developing Job Skills is a vital part of our program, and through the production and sale of our beautifully hand-crafted home and garden products, participants learn how to process payments, fulfill orders, provide excellent customer service, manage inventory and more. 

Shop at SEEDs and enjoy a wide selection of high quality home and garden products created by our team of talented young adults on the autism spectrum.

Please visit to keep up to date on the growing selection of new items from the participants at SEEDs for Autism.
Gift cards also available!

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Marvel Studios’ Black Widow Movie Review


From the beginning; we got to see Natasha Romanoff’s journey in Iron Man 2 to Avengers: Endgame, and also learn a bit of her history in the first Avengers movie.

In her first solo movie of Phase 4: we will finally learn what Natasha’s been doing during the events of Captain America: Civil War and leading up to Infinity War and Endgame

I got to see the movie in theaters and I really enjoyed the movie: it’s action-packed, fun and thrilling.

Great cinematography, the music and more. excellent performances by Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Rachel Weisz, also O-T Fagbenle, Ray Winstone, Olga Kurylenko and William Hurt did great.

I give this movie an A+ and 10/10

This is Scarlett Johansson’s last movie with Marvel. I know that the multiverse is gonna be a big part of the MCU. Who knows, she will return or not…but the character: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow lives on.

By Angel

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Review)

Batman™ Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition | Download and Buy Today -  Epic Games Store

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The story setting for this game takes place in Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum consists of three areas dubbed Arkham North, Arkham East and Arkham West.

The facilities located in Arkham West are the Medical Facility as well as the Penitentiary. The facilities located in Arkham East are the Botanical Garden as well as Arkham Mansion. The facilities located in Arkham North are Intensive Treatment as well as a series of Caves that connect to a Secret Batcave in Arkham Asylum.

Other locations are Scarecrow’s Nightmare World and Killer Croc’s Sewer Lair.

The main protagonists in this game are Batman (real name: Bruce Wayne), Commissioner Gordon and Oracle (real name: Barbara Gordon). The main antagonists in this game are The Joker, Harley Quinn (real name: Dr. Harleen Quinzel), The Riddler (real name: Edward Nigma), Killer Croc (real name: Waylon Jones), Scarecrow (real name: Dr. Jonathan Crane), Victor Zsasz, Bane, Poison Ivy (real name: Pamela Lillian Isley) and Scarface.

In this game, The Joker takes complete control of Arkham Asylum with an extremely insane plan to create an army of Banes with an improved version of the Venom formula dubbed “Titan”. Batman “alone and trapped on Arkham Asylum” must stop Joker and his Hell-forged Army no matter what.

In conclusion, I found that this Batman game “despite being somewhat dark as well as slightly horror-based in terms of scariness” to be quite well done in terms of story-based scenarios, action-packed combat scenes and major plot twists galore.

Rachel Platten by Jake M

A good music artist is Rachel Platten. I listen to her music a lot. Anytime I need to focus or get my energy up, I’ll listen to her music. I’ll have it on in the background. Other times, I’ll listen just for fun. Some of her more popular songs include “Fight Song” and “Stand by You”. I don’t have a favorite song, but I do like her album Wildfire. It was her first major album, and it debuted in 2016 at number 5 on the Billboard 200 list. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be “Hey Hey Hallelujah” which she performed alongside Andy Grammer. Other performances include singing the National Anthem prior to Game One of the 2016 World Series, and being part of the New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square 2016. If you don’t listen to her music, then you should, because she’s a really good singer.

The Greatness of Initial D by Landon F.

I often reminisce about the time when I first discovered the Anime Initial D for the First Time. May 26th, 2015. I started to play the game. At first, it didn’t strike me as anything special. However as the years roll along, the series has grown to something that I admire as one of the greats. It is a anime that I would recommend anyone should watch. Godlike music, excellent chorography, hilarious moments of comedy, and characters that one as a person can relate to.

Gin Tama by Sonja

Gintama (TV Series 2005–2018) - IMDb

I recently started watching a new anime called Gin Tama. I watched reviews about and I decided to give it a watch. I am almost at the first series arc of the show so I am looking forward to seeing how they handled comedy mixed with heavy tones. I hope others give it a chance. Fair warning its a little slow in the beginning but gets going pretty fast


Happiness Poetry at SEEDs for Autism

Writing poetry encourages creativity and self-expression. Poetry stirs the imagination and helps us grow emotionally and intellectually as we examine our thoughts and feelings in a symbolic way. Responding to an online writing assignment, the participants at SEEDs for Autism explore what HAPPINESS means to them by describing this joyful emotion through the window of their own experiences.


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Sonic X (TV Review)

Sonic X (TV Series 2003–2006) - IMDb

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the TV series, Sonic X. This anime series was dubbed in the US from 2003 to 2015 & beyond. This series consists of 78 episodes total (26 episodes in Season 1, 26 episodes in Season 2 & 26 episodes in Season 3.)

The main protagonists in this series are

Sonic the Hedgehog aka Super Sonic (Nickname: Blue Blur),

Miles “Tails” Prower,

Knuckles the Echidna,

Amy Rose,

Cream the Rabbit,

Cheese the Chao (Cream’s friend & pet),

Vanilla the Rabbit (Cream’s mother),

Rouge the Bat,
Big the Cat,

Froggy (Big’s pet frog),

The Chaotix Detective Agency (Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon & Charmy the Bee),

Tikal the Echidna & Cosmo the Seedian.

The main antagonists in season 1 are

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik,

Decoe & Bocoe (Dr. Eggman’s robots),

Bokkun (Dr. Eggman’s lackey).

The cast of main antagonists in season 2 are

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik,

Decoe & Bocoe (Dr. Eggman’s robots),

Bokkun (Dr. Eggman’s lackey)

Chaos (The “Mobian” God of Destruction),

Shadow the Hedgehog aka Super Shadow (Nickname: Black Wind)(The Ultimate Lifeform),

E-102 Gamma & Emerl (Dr. Eggman’s Warbots).

The main antagonists in season 3 are

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, Decoe & Bocoe (Dr. Eggman’s robots),

Bokkun (Dr. Eggman’s lackey) & The Metarex (An alien race of evil, villainous robots).

In conclusion, I found this TV show to be one of the greatest Sonic series ever to be broadcast. Here’s a fun piece of Sonic trivia, both the Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2 video games were based on the events of Season 2 of Sonic X (Sonic Adventure covers the battle against Chaos & Sonic Adventure 2 covers the battle against Shadow the Hedgehog).