I Like the Holidays by Keri

Christmas shipping deadlines 2020: Last day to mail through USPS, UPS and  Fedex before Christmas - ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

I like the holidays. It’s fun with my immediate family just this year because of covid 19. We aren’t having our family over because for safety reasons. My aunt and uncles and my cousins usually come over. This year my aunt came over for a small Thanksgiving. Just the regular stuff like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry relish, green beans I also cut the parsley beforehand. Dessert is pumpkin pie and maybe pecan pie or apple, don’t know on this year. We usually buy it at Costco like the pies this year.  

We like to sit down and talk to one another. Also, we played games in the past but I don’t know yet what my mom has in store for us. We like to drink tea cold.  

I have the tree up, me and my dad put it together. We decorate the tree together. The dining room table is my favorite. I like the big center piece it has a candle holder attached. We aren’t decorating outside this year. All of the family waits for presents on Christmas Day

SEEDs Virtual Art Show 2

At SEEDs for Autism we understand that Art is a powerful form of communication. Art increases observation skills and builds confidence as it stirs our imagination, encourages creativity, promotes self-expression and helps us GROW. For the second installment of our Virtual Art Show, we once again invited SEEDs participants to share their talents and their artwork with our online audience!

Wind in the Willows by Chris M.
This is my art picture of the pigs from Angry Birds. I used Paint 3D on my laptop. I feel calm & relaxed. By Justin M.
I made a picture of a real star buck on Paint 3D. I feel wealthy. By Justin M.
This is a picture or the planet earth made on Paint 3D. I added a moon & little stars in the picture. I feel creative & cool. By Justin M.
Here is my drawing I made. By Jeremy H.
Here is my art work for the art show. I called it an  Autumn 🍂 day fall is now under way and I thought it would be nice to draw a Autumn theme picture😃 by Sonja
Here is my piece of art I call it Reindeer Stocking I wanted to draw a Christmas 🎄 theme picture. I used colored pencils for coloring. By Sonja

Thanksgiving Poetry at SEEDs

Writing poetry encourages creativity and self-expression. Poetry stirs the imagination and it is an excellent practice for strengthening writings skills, cultivating a strong vocabulary and learning to think outside the box. Here, participants at SEEDs for Autism created poetry to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Poem by Justin M.


Thanksgiving is family and fun

Thanksgiving we play games

We will have a beautiful day in the sun

Turkey doesn’t go up in flames

A wonderful thanksgiving chat 

I like pecan pie with ice cream

Don’t eat too much you will get fat

After we eat we get sleepy and dream

by Keri

My Favorite Thing by Francis

My favorite thing is that people are getting ready for Christmas and Hanukkah if you celebrate. But this year people will find creative ways to see loved ones. They most probably will do zoom or call. And those that are lonely and always alone hopefully are not forgotten. 
Christmas is about being with Family and the birth and appreciating things.  That’s what I’m into now with the upcoming Christmas/Holiday season. P.S. I hope Santa still visits the world because a lot of kids are counting on that.

Anime Review Trigun by Sonja

I recently started watching an older anime called Trigun from 1998. It’s the story of the wild west, not on earth but on the planet Mars where humans began creating cities and small towns. Gun men roam the land taking bounties on criminals for money. One of these gunmen is the famous Vash the Stampede. People have said he is a soulless heartless man who will destroy everything in his path. Two insurance ladies Meryln Stryfe and Millie Thompson have been sent to track down the famous gunman in order to prevent more damage to towns. When they finally meet him he is not what they thought. He is kind and funny and not a heartless person and so they follow him and go on crazy adventures. I loved watching this anime. It was really good and the characters are charming and likable. For those who like anime with great stories and deep characters others will love. The anime is from the 90s but just because it’s from an older time still it’s great to watch. 

Cookin’ Up the Love at SEEDs for Autism

Learning to cook and prepare meals is an important life skill and a step toward independence for those on the autism spectrum. In the Culinary Department at SEEDs, participants learn kitchen safety, proper food handling, meal planning, good nutrition and so much more! As a non-profit organization, we rely on financial support from compassionate, engaged supporters who care about the growth and future of adults on the autism spectrum. Inspired by the talents of our participants and the generosity of local businesses and heartfelt donors, SEEDs for Autism is proud to present COOKIN’ UP THE LOVE – a virtual fundraiser and live streaming event celebrating food, family and the season of giving.

Visit our website for more information: https://www.seedsforautism.org/events/2020/11/20/cookin-up-the-love

COOKIN’ UP THE LOVE AT SEEDS FOR AUTISM – November 20th: 5pm-7pm

  • LIVE Q & A





$500 donor: Executive Chef

  • 2 “Char’s Choice” Cookbooks
  • Wooden Serving Pedestal
  • Set of 4 Wooden Appetizer Forks
  • $100 SEEDs Gift Card
  • Cookin’ Up the Love Apron

$250 donor: Chef de Cuisine

  • 2 “Char’s Choice” Cookbooks
  • Set of 4 Ceramic Placeholders
  • Wooden Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
  • Wooden bowl

$100 donor: Sous Chef

  • 2 “Char’s Choice” Cookbooks
  • Wooden Bottle Stopper
  • Wine bag
  • Set of 6 Wine Charms

$50 donor: Chef de Partie

  • 2 “Char’s Choice” Cookbooks
  • Cookin’ Up the Love Apron

$40 donor: Commis Chef

  • Cookin’ Up the Love Apron

$25 donor: Saucier

  • SEEDs for Autism Cookbook

SEEDs Virtual Art Show

At SEEDs for Autism we understand that Art is a powerful form of communication. Art increases observation skills and builds confidence as it stirs our imagination, encourages creativity, promotes self-expression and helps us GROW. For our first Virtual Art Show, we invited SEEDs participants to share their talents and their artwork with our online audience!

This was inspired by I show I started watching again Invader Zim. I love that show and wanted to share with you❤️ I used colored pencils and black marker for tracing. I want people to know I love Sci fi and Aliens 👽 are really cool to me😍
This is my art picture of Red, Chuck & Bomb from Angry Birds. I used Paint 3D on my laptop. I feel calm & relaxed. I typed in my name in the bottom right corner.
by Libby
Beast vs Ogre
I started with paper and pencil and finalized the drawings on my Medibang software.
Callum McCloud (Highlander)
Jaime’s Face Drawings

This week I started watching you tube tutorials on hyperrealist illustrations. Hyperrealist illustrations are super real and 3D-looking. I did our first drawing class with my care worker Mercedes and drew lips for our first time. Second Mercedes and I drew noses together, and then we drew two eyes too. Mercedes and I used graphite pencils for drawing lighter marks without pressure. I also shade or blend the pencil by using tissues for blending and shading by erasing darker pencil marks by drawing it too dark. We also used rulers by measuring guide lines. Guide lines help me draw some realistic stuff, like body parts, unless we use erasers to erase those guide lines after we are done with them. – Jaime B.

The Aristocats Movie Review by Jaime B

The Aristocats is my favorite Disney movie in the whole wide world, because I love Marie so much as my favorite character in the movie. The Aristocats was released on December 24th, 1970, and it was created by Walt Disney Productions 50 years ago.

“Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat” (from the Aristocats) is one of my favorite Disney songs in the whole wide world. The new soundtrack of the Aristocats was released on August 21st, 2015 as part of Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection.

The Aristocats take place in Paris, France in 1910. Duchess is the mother of Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse that lives with retired opera diva Madame Adelaide and her English butler Edgar. Edgar is the villain in the Aristocats movie. Duchess is now married to Thomas O’Malley after Madame Adelaide adopts O’Malley.