How does it feel when someone buys one of the products you made at Seeds?

When you purchase an item from SEEDs for Autism, you are not just getting a hand-crafted, high quality product- you are investing in the lives of our participants! In addition to teaching job skills, life skills and social skills, our unique program also gives young adults on the autism spectrum a sense of purpose, a feeling of accomplishment and a boost of self-confidence knowing they are a valuable part of our team. SEEDs participants pour a lot of love, skill and hand work into every item they create. We asked a group of these talented young adults to share their thoughts on how it feels when someone buys one of the products they made.


I feel happy when one of the products I made gets sold. The reason is that it means my work is appreciated and that I’m needed to provide necessary products for the customers.


When someone buys one of the products I made, it makes me feel happy because it helps Seeds get more funding.


I feel excited when people buy the products that I make at Seeds.


When someone buys the products that I make, it makes me feel really excited that someone is proud of my hard work, and they’re going out of their way to buy it.


I feel proud and satisfied with my work.


It makes me feel good because it helps SEEDS for Autism and supports our program. It makes me feel positive and it is very uplifting.


It feels satisfying to know my hard work has helped attract customers and made money for SEEDs.


It really makes me feel like an accomplished artist.




Featured Product: Sunny Citrus Goat Milk Soap

Our Home Essentials department is a favorite with the participants at SEEDs for Autism. This is because of the wonderful scent of soap being made! Our Sunny Citrus Goat Milk soap captures the fresh scent of bright summer days filled with uplifting, invigorating citrus! We asked SEEDs participants to write about this wonderful item which we have selected as our featured product for July!


We make Sunny Citrus goat milk soap by using all natural ingredients like goat’s milk, citrus scenting oil, and yellow Brazilian clay.

Our soaps are carefully made with all-natural ingredients as a learning experience for people with disabilities to learn about working in an environment for making and selling products.


Goat milk soap is good for your skin, it’s all natural, and it has a lot of vitamins. Goat’s milk soap keeps your skin moisturized and it won’t dry out your skin. It’s good for people with sensitive skin.

Goat milk soap is useful for dry or sensitive skin, or other conditions. It’s perfect to keep skin healthy.

by Justin M. and Sonja

  1. It smells like oranges
  2. You will smell like summer
  3. All natural ingredients
  4. Handmade by students at SEEDs
  5. Supports our program
  6. Great way to start the day smelling good
  7. Feels refreshing
  8. Makes skin clean and soft

You can purchase our Sunny Citrus Goat Milk Soap at the SEEDs for Autism boutique or visit our online store. Click HERE to start shopping and help support this life-changing program!

Star Wars Character Profile: Mara Jade

Image result for mara jade   Image result for mara jade

By Jake M.

My favorite series of all-time is Star Wars. Beyond the orginal movies and the prequels more than 30 books and comics were written to expand the Star Wars universe. Many of those stories and characters have been forgotten due to the new movies released. Disney, who owns the rights to Lucas Films, decided to write their own storyline, which caused the orginal follow up books to Return of the Jedi to be cast away. Personally I like reading the older books. My favorite character is Mara Jade Skywalker.

Mara is my favorite because of the depth her character offers. She served as an assistant to Emperor Palpatine, a smuggler, and a Master Jedi.During her time as a servant in the galactic Empire she was sent on missions to purge rebels and any jedi who survived Order 66. Prior to the death of Palpatine, his parting words to her were kill Luke Skywalker. As soon as the Empire fell she no longer had the will to carry out her mission and ironically became Luke’s wife. After her marriage to Luke, Mara Jade Skywalker was trained in the ways of the Jedi, working her way to the rank of Jedi Master and was tasked with training other force sensitive people the ways of the Jedi. Her intriguing story came to an end after she was assassinated by her nephew Jacen Solo. She is a supporting character in the Book Survivor’s Quest which is about her marriage with Luke and their struggle to save the Jedi order.

Hunter’s Presentation at SEEDs for Autism

Developing social skills is an important area of focus at SEEDs for Autism and we incorporate practicing these skills into every aspect of our program. Creating power point presentations is a creative way for our participants to build confidence, improve communication skills and inspire others. In this presentation, Hunter speaks to a roomful of his peers on the topic of “Manners”.

Live Blogging the SEEDs for Autism Art Jam!

Jonatan C. in the photo booth at the SEEDs for Autism Art Jam

MAY 5 2018: 10am – 3pm

Participants at SEEDs for Autism held a live blogging event at the 2018 Spring Art Jam! 

10:00 – Michele (instructor)

The Art Jam is starting! So many people are showing up to spend the day at SEEDs!

10:12 – Sydney

There are lots of people shopping.

10:35 – Michele (instructor)

A full class for the Blacksmithing workshop!

The Metals workshop is just about to begin. SEEDs participants are ready to share their skills with the community and teach people how to create a twisted metal bracelet!

10:43 – Sydney

Since we opened, there have been a lot of purchases.

11:00 – Michele (instructor)

Lenny (instructor) supervises during the Blacksmithing workshop.

Derrick is assisting workshop attendees in Metals.

11:14 – Michele (instructor)

The woodturning workshop is busy this morning!

So many people wood turning! Jesse Dean is working one-on-one with workshop attendees as they woodturn their own pens on the lathe!


11:29 – Sonja

Just did my first tour and it was a lot of fun. I showed the people around telling them about the workshops.  I also showed them the products we sell.

11:34 – Michele (instructor)

Andy is taking a break from doing the weaving demonstration. He is keeping me company at the Newsletter station.

12:22 – Jesse & Jessica


Hanging out at the Newsletter station. 🙂

12:36 – Daniel N.

I had Irma’s for lunch: rice and beans and tacos. It tasted good.

12:51 –  Daniel N.

The check out station is ready for customers!

I observed Jessica taking payments and people are shopping at Seeds.

1:29 – Jared

I was weaving a green scarf.

1:30 – Nathan

Jessica shows workshop attendees how to wood turn their own pen.

I observed Jessica and Jonatan doing the woods demonstration.

1:50 – Nathan

I observed Brain T. eating from Irma’s Kitchen.

2:07 – Nathan

Jake assists Bailey (instructor) for the print making workshop.

I observed Jake helping out with the print making workshop.

2:25 – Nathan

Jeff provides one-on-one instruction.

I observed Jeff working in jewelry.

2:29 – Daniel N.

I observed Nate’s mom buying pillows from the sewing dept.

2:39 – Michele

Things are winding down at the Art Jam. It has been a wonderful day!

Happy faces at the Jewelry Workshop!

2:42 – Daniel N.

I observed people using baskets to shop.

2:45- Daniel N.

Thanks everyone for coming to the Seeds Art Jam!

Participants at SEEDs take turns blogging.

Video Games Live

Image result for video games live

Video games and music seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly so by combining the two together you get Video Games Live. Video Games Live is a concert series that consists of video game music performed by a live orchestra combined with live footage of video games and synchronised lighting and effects.  

Video Games Live was founded in 2002 by video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall. Together they formed Mystical Stone Entertainment the company that runs Video Games Live. It took three years for Tallarico and Wall to plan the first show, developing the technology for the synchronized lights, videos, effects and the concert itself. The concert made it’s debut on July 6, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. At the concert the Los Angeles Philharmonic performed to an audience of 11,000  people. The year it debuted three concerts were held. The following year the concert relaunched with an 11 show tour. The concert was then expanded to 20 cities in 2007, 47 cities in 2008, and over 50 cities in 2009. Between 2009 and 2016 more than 300 shows have been held. In 2010 composer Jack Wall left Video Games Live to pursue his own video game composing career.

Every concert held is performed by a local symphonic orchestra and musicians. Video Games live has also performed for lots of people globally as well. Including places like the Middle East, China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, South America, and Australia. Depending on the area that Video Games Live is performing at the composer Tommy Tallarico will choose different songs based upon the area’s favorite games. For instance in Japan they would play songs from the Final Fantasy series. Another instance would be in South Korea where Video Games Live would perform songs from League of Legends. In the past decade Video Games Live has performed with symphonies from all over the world including the National City Orchestra, The Pittsburgh Symphony, The San Francisco Symphony, The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, The Spanish National Orchestra, The Phoenix Symphony, and The Polish National Symphony. Video Games Live features a collection of more than 175 music segments from video games of all eras. From games like Final Fantasy, to Halo, World of Warcraft, to Sonic the Hedgehog, to Legend of Zelda, to Kingdom Hearts, and Metal Gear Solid. Other segments include retro arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac Man. Each game shows footage of the game and special effects are also shown with the segment as well.

During the pre-show event there is a costume contest for people dressing up as video game characters. Another contest has the contestants play classic arcade games such as Frogger and Space Invaders. Another contest has the contestants play the music rhythm game Guitar Hero. The winner of the contests are taken up on stage and they play the game in front of the audience and the orchestra. The concert also features solo performers as well.

Video Games Live sometimes features non video game films to connect the music to other areas such as with the Medal of Honor series where they showcase real films from World War 2.  Another example is in Kingdom Hearts Video Games live that features Disney Films from which the game is based on. For the Pokemon games, Video games Live shows footage from the Pokemon Anime.

The concert sometimes features videos from video game composers themselves. Some of the video game composers include Koji Kondo composer of the Mario and Zelda series. Another example is Nubuo Uamatsu composer of the Final Fantasy series. Video Games Live has also hosted guests such as Shigeru Miyamoto creator of both the Mario and Zelda series, Gabe Newell the founder of Valve, and Sid Meirs creator of the Civilization series.

After the concert is over there is a meet and greet where fans can meet Tommy Tallarico and have him sign autographs. There are also souvenirs from the concert that people can buy such as Cds, DVDs, T-shirts, mouse pads and hats as well. 

I have gone to Video Games Live three times now –  twice with AZ Assist and most recently with some friends. The first Video Games Live that I went to was held at the Mesa Arts Center. The Second Video games Live that I went to was held at the Phoenix Orpheum Theater and the third Video Games Live that I went to was held at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. Overall I have had a lot of fun going to Video Games Live. As a passionate gamer I can definitely say that Video Games Live is worth going to.

Nathan B.


     Image result for tommy tallarico





Jewelry-Making Workshop with Gloria and Justin

At SEEDs for Autism, our ongoing series of workshops provide new opportunities to empower our participants and encourage them to GROW. These talented young adults gain confidence interacting with the community as they assist our staff during these educational and inspirational events!

Intro to Jewelry Making: Mixed Metal Earrings

The Intro to Jewelry Making class on Saturday was a great success! By providing step-by-step instructions and live demonstrations, Gloria (instructor) and Justin M. taught workshop attendees how to create a beautiful pair of mixed metal earrings!

Workshop attendees pay close attention as Justin and Gloria work together to demonstrate each step

Justin SHINES as Gloria’s star pupil in the Jewelry department at SEEDs. Due to his high quality work, attention to detail and delicate touch, Justin is the only participant entrusted to work with more expensive materials such as silver. This workshop at SEEDs for Autism gave Justin the opportunity to take a leadership role and share his talents and skills with the community!

Justin provides one on one instruction


Justin demonstrates how to use the drill


Justin supervises while his student drills


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to learn more about this life-changing program please visit our website