Injustice 2 Game Review

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After 4 years, the highly anticipated sequel to Injustice God Among Us is finally here. Set 5 years after the first game in which Superman is defeated and imprisoned, Batman and his gang are trying to clean up the mess that he and his regime have made. With most of his allies who have either been victims or have been a collaborator with the regime,  Batman must recruit some new allies to help combat The Society led by Gorilla Grodd. But after Grodd’s defeat, the true mastermind behind the Society is revealed – it’s Braniac. Now, Batman must recruit Superman and the members of his regime to help take down Brainiac.

Injustice 2 is a fighting game set in the DC Universe. Like most fighting games, Injustice 2 has you chaining together combos and using that mechanism to lower your opponent’s health bar. The game also has interactive environments in which, depending on the character, they can pick up an object and throw it at their opponents. There are also stage transitions that the player can perform which can not only do some damage, but can also send their opponent into a new part of the stage.

Like in the previous game, Injustice 2 has a trait system which can provide a temporary buff to their character. Also, returning from the previous game is the super meter which allows players to pull out special moves and super moves as well.  Players can also spend a portion of their super meter to pull off a more powerful version of their special move. A new thing that Injustice 2 adds is a loot system in which players can earn loot boxes that unlock gear for their characters. The gear not only changes your character’s look, but also gives your character a stat buff as well.

The game also has plenty of single player modes as well. There is your story mode which is about 6 hours long. There is also a multiverse mode which allows players to travel to parallel worlds within the DC Universe and battle against various  opponents with different handicaps, rules, and goals. There is also an arcade mode within the multiverse which you can use to unlock endings for all the various characters in the game. There is also online multiplayer mode where the gear system is disabled  and all the characters are reduced to their default levels. Players can also form and join online guilds with up to 50 players. Guild members can work together to complete daily and weekly objectives  where they can earn gear.

I’ll admit I loved this game. I thought it took everything that made the first game great and made it even better. The graphics and character models look amazing. The facial animations on the characters look jaw-droppingly realistic. The minor tweaks to the fighting system makes the fights even better. The story mode once again is awesome. The game also gives you plenty of characters to play around with which sports a whopping 28 to play with and with more characters on the way via DLC. Plus, the addition of guilds is something that I have been wanting in a fighting game. The online multiplayer is really good too. It has your standard ranked matches like most fighting games these days. It also has king of the hill mode where the winner of the match stays and the next person tries to dethrone the winner. The writing, the voice acting, and the story overall are all really superb in this game as well.

There is only one complaint I have with this game and the big complaint is that the gear system is random. Let me explain, say if you’re using a character like Batman and you just earn some gear –  sometimes you might get gear for a character like The Flash. You don’t have much control over the gear you get. It would have been nice if you could use in-game money to by the gear for the character you use.  Injustice 2 is available for Ps4 and Xbox One. Overall I feel Injustice 2 is a superb sequel over the original. It improves a lot and adds new stuff in as well.

That’s why my final score for injustice 2 is a 4 out of 5. Go out and check the game out, you won’t be disappointed.


by Nathan B.

Disney Magical World 2 (Review)

Hello, my name is Charles & I’m here to review the Nintendo 3DS game Disney Magical World 2.


This game is the 2016 sequel to the 2014 3DS game Disney Magical World with even more Disney worlds and characters to encounter, assist and spend time with.


The game takes place in a magical town called Castleton where you not only manage a cafe near favorable Disney characters such as Mickey, but you also can travel to six Disney worlds.


The six disney worlds are comprised of Disney’s Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and Winnie the Pooh.


Throughout this game, you discover ghostly beings of unknown origins are invading Castleton as well as all six Disney worlds and you must use special magic wands to use Disney magic to deal with them.


In each of the six Disney worlds you can attend Anna & Elsa’s Snowman Festival, have adventures as a mermaid/merman under the sea with Ariel, mine for gems with the Seven Dwarfs, surf and hula with Lilo & Stitch, help tackle trouble in Wonderland and have fun both farming and hanging out with Winnie the Pooh & friends.

In conclusion, I find this game truly Enchanting and am certain of it to be one of the embodiments of disney’s greatest magics.

Digimon World: Next Order

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about Digimon World: Next Order for the PlayStation 4 console. This game is an Open World RPG and is the 7th Digimon World game to be developed. The main hero and heroine of this game are Takuto and his partner digimon Agumon and Gabumon as well as Shiki and her partner digimon Biyomon and Palmon. Together with their friends Kouta and his partner digimon Guilmon, Himari and her partner digimon Salamon & Shoma and his partner digimon MetalEtemon and Titamon as well as their digimon allies JiJimon and Taomon and their human allies Mirei MikaGura and her partner digimon Angewomon and LadyDevimon & Rina Shinomiya and her partner Digimon UlForceVeeDramon, they must save the digital world from the Mega-Level digimon known as MachineDramon. In this game you must also raise your digimon by feeding it, training it and caring for it. In my opinion, playing Digimon World games are kind of like working on a farm (if you were raising Digital Monsters). In Conclusion, This game will offer imaginative discoveries as well as teach you how to be responsible caregivers and will be released in the us on January 31 2017.

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LEGO: Dimensions

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the LEGO crossover game LEGO: Dimensions. The plot of this game’s story features an evil being known as Lord VorTech attempting to conquer the entire LEGO MultiVerse. To do so he seeks the twelve Foundation Elements for which three examples consist as follows: Kryptonite(LEGO: DC Comics), The One Ring(LEGO: Lord of the Rings) and the Ruby Slippers(LEGO: Wizard of OZ). Unlike Most LEGO video games, You have to use actual LEGO pieces and figurines in conjunction with this game in order to play it. The starter set is mandatorily recommended as it comprises of the game, the LEGO building materials, and four LEGO figurines consisting of BatMan(LEGO: DC Comics), Gandalf the Grey(LEGO: Lord of the Rings), WyldStyle(LEGO: Movie) and SuperGirl(LEGO: DC Comics). In this game, You team up with multiple heroes consisting of Robin, SuperMan, CyBorg, AquaMan and Wonder Woman(LEGO: DC Comics), Frodo Baggins, Legolas and Gimli(LEGO: Lord of the Rings), Astronaut Benny, UniKitty, Emmet and Metal Beard(LEGO: Movie)Dorothy Gale and her friends ScareCrow Tin WoodsMan and the Cowardly Lion(LEGO: Wizard of OZ), Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson and Krusty the Clown(LEGO: Simpsons), Dr. Who(LEGO: Dr. Who), Doc Brown and Marty McFly(LEGO: Back to the Future), Shaggy and Scooby Doo(LEGO: Scooby Doo), Harry Potter(LEGO: Harry Potter), Sonic the Hedgehog(LEGO: Sonic the Hedgehog), E.T.(LEGO: E.T.), Gizmo(LEGO: Gremlins), Owen and Owen’s VelociRaptor(LEGO: Jurassic World), Kai, Cole, Lloyd, Zane, Nya and Sensei Wu(LEGO: Ninjago), Laval, Cragger and Eris(LEGO: Legends of CHIMA) and Peter VenkMan, Slimer and the Stay Puft MarshmallowMan(LEGO: GhostBusters) against Lord VorTech and his assortment of hired help consisting of Lex Luthor, Riddler, Two-Face, Bane, Harley Quinn and Joker(LEGO: DC Comics), Gollum, Saruman the White and the Dark Lord Sauron(LEGO: Lord of the Rings), Lord Business and Bad Cop(LEGO: Movie), Stripe(LEGO: Gremlins) and the Wicked Witch of the West and her army of Flying Monkeys(LEGO: Wizard of OZ) while traversing various locations for which some examples are the Land of OZ and the Wicked Witch’s Castle(LEGO: Wizard Of OZ), Gotham City and Metropolis(LEGO: DC Comics), Moria and Minas Tirith(LEGO: Lord of the Rings), SpringField(LEGO: Simpsons) and the Manhattan FireHouse(LEGO: GhostBusters). As I said before, this game requires the LEGO building materials, the LEGO GamePad and a game controller to use. In conclusion, This game will test the limits of your imagination to the point where it brings never ending excitement into your lives.

World of Final Fantasy

  Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about the new PS4 game World Of Final Fantasy. World Of Final Fantasy is the 3rd Final Fantasy Crossover to appear on the Sony Playstation console featuring Princess Sarah and the Warrior Of Light (Sword and Shield) from Final Fantasy I, Refia (White Mage) from Final Fantasy III, Rydia (Summoner) and Rydia’s Esper companion Mist Dragon from Final Fantasy IV, Bartz Klauser (Mimic) and his Chocobo companion Boko, Gilgamesh (Mercenary) and Faris Scherwiz (Pirate) from Final Fantasy V, Terra Branford (Esper-Summoner) and her MagiTek Armor, Edgar Roni Figaro (Warrior-King) and Celes Chere (Knight)(Runic Blade: Sword) from Final Fantasy VI, Cloud Strife (Soldier-1st Class)(Buster: Blade Sword) from Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart (Martial Arts Master) from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Shelk Rui (DeepGround Soldier)(Twin EM Sabers) from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Sephiroth (One Winged Angel)(MasaMune: Katana) from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Squall Leonhart (GunBlade: Revolver Class Model) and Quistis Trepe (Whip)(SeeDs Mercenaries) from Final Fantasy VIII, Vivi Ornitier (Black Mage) Eiko Carol (Summoner) and Eiko’s Esper/Wolf companion Fenrir from Final Fantasy IX, Tidus (BlitzBall Player)(Brotherhood: Sword) and Yuna (High Summoner) From Final Fantasy X & Rikku (Al Bhed Warrior/Treasure Hunter) from Final Fantasy X-2, Shantotto (Sorceress) from Final Fantasy XI, Lightning (Angelic Warrior)(Crimson Blade: Sword) from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Snow Villiers (Adventurous Warrior) from Final Fantasy XIII and Chocolatte (Chocobo Lover-Merchant) from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Sherlotta (Sorceress/ShapeShifter-Human to Cat and Back Again) from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time. Also, Final Fantasy summoning based creatures make a reappearance in this game consisting of Ramuh (Thunder), Shiva(Ice), Ifrit (Fire), Valefor (Wind), Cactuar (Desert), TonBerry (Assassin), Siren (Magic), Leviathan (Water), Diabolos (Dark), Carbuncle (Healer-Illusionist), Odin (Warrior), Bahamut (Dragon) and Ultima Weapon (Divine). The main protagonists are Lann, his older twin sister Reynn, their magical friend, companion and navigator Tama (short for Tamamohime) and their mystical friend and Mirage CareTaker Seraphie (short for Diva Seraphie). The main antagonists are leaders of the Bahamutian Federation consisting of Pellinore: the Plumed Knight, Segwarides: the Knight in the Golden Mask and Brandelis: the Herald King. The game’s story takes place in a world called Grymoire through scenic Final Fantasy locations such as Cornelia from Final Fantasy I, PyreGlow Forest from Final Fantasy X, Saronia from Final Fantasy III, Nibelheim from Final Fantasy VII, Mako Reactor 0 from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Besaid from Final Fantasy X, the Library of the Ancients, Figaro’s Castle and the UnderGround Prison from Final Fantasy VI. This game also features iconic Final Fantasy monsters such as Princess Goblin (Royalty), Behemoth (Beast), Moogle (Misc), Bomb (Fire) and Undead Princess (Death). In conclusion, this game not only celebrates Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary but in my opinion is the next best thing after both the Dissidia: Final Fantasy games for the Sony PSP and the Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm for the Nintendo 3DS.




(Top: Lann with his Allies Tama and Behemoth and Reynn with her companoins Chocochick and Magitek Armor)

(Middle: Game Poster)

(Bottom: Final Fantasy characters from left to right(Lightning-FF13, Tidus-FF10, Warrior Of Light-FF1, Cloud-FF7 and Squall-FF8)

Personal Stake and Analysis of Silent Hill 2



Very seldom in our lives something comes along to change all of what we know. For some that can be a book, movie, event or even a person. However, more recently video games have had quite the impact on the art world. Not only in presentation, but also in design and in some cases story. It is the combination of these different aspects of a game’s creation that make it a whole experience. With these experiences, games have become more than mindless button presses, but instead have grown into a powerful symbol of what humankind is truly capable of. For better or worse games truly personify the deepest and often darkest desires in the human heart. It may seem like rambling but there is in fact a point to all this. That being Silent Hill 2. What I often consider to be one of the greatest if not the best works of art in the history of mankind.


It starts off simply enough. A man named James Sunderland receives a letter in the mail. Suspiciously, though it was sent from his wife who lost her battle with cancer some years ago. It told him to come meet her in their “special place.” James of course interprets this to be in the town of Silent Hill due to the time they had spent there together in the past. It is a  place of rather unfortunate history with the occult which may or may not be the reason why the town has many disappearances.

The story of Silent Hill 2 has an interesting set up from the get go and continues throughout to impress. In fact, the story is one of the most impressive parts. The investment in the overall presentation really moves you forward in the game. Honestly, James Sunderland’s plight starts to feel much like your own. Before I noticed anything I was completely invested. I had to know what happened next. However, that is where things get most difficult. This is a horror game after all. To advance means you must face new horrors that block the path to your destination.

To this day the creature design is by far the most impressive I have seen to this date. Keep in mind this video game originally released September 24, 2001 so it has aged quite a bit. However, one abomination sticks out above the rest and since the release has been a symbol of Silent Hill as a series. It is none other than the monstrous Pyramid Head or as James Sunderland liked to call it “Red Pyramid Head Thing.” According to the history of the town of Silent Hill, back when they still killed individuals, they had executioners. Not any normal executioners by any means. They were very cruel individuals who in a way are being punished themselves by wearing massive pyramid like structures on their head. They wore what seemed to be a butcher outfit on their bodies and often carried massive knives and spears to finish others off. Now Pyramid Head is sort of the antagonist to the story. He is supposed to symbolize James Sunderland’s guilt or his inner felt desire to punish himself for the misdeeds he has done.

Throughout the story James encounters Pyramid Head only to run away. Never encountering him on a meaningful level. That is up until near the conclusion of the game when instead of giving in to despair, he decides to fight with all that he has barely scraping by in the fight that follows.

One of the main reasons I repeatedly come back to this title is the music or sound effects. All of which was designed by the esteemed Akira Yamaoka. Over the years he has composed numerous pieces for video games like Contra: Hard Corps, Gradius III, Gradius IV, and Killer is Dead. For Silent Hill 2, Akira Yamaoka specifically set a theme of sort of a dark, ambient and emotional set of sounds. He often considers it his “magnum opus” or his best work yet. Many would be inclined to agree with him in this regard due to the fact that many consider it to be his best just in the Silent Hill series alone. It has a way that conveys emotion that can move even the coldest of hearts. However, some of the background music that comes with it also brings feelings of great discomfort. A sort of creeping feeling of despair with very little hope to go on. Overall the soundtrack captures the mood of the game perfectly and without any noticeable flaws. I could honestly say that the soundtrack of the game could stand well off on it’s own.

Now unfortunately, the game does have flaws. The flaws being mainly the age it released in. It can all be chalked up to the combat system of the game, which is clunky and often difficult to handle. One could argue that the combat was purposeful in showing that James was an amateur in fighting and therefore made it more difficult to confront the creatures roaming the dark depths of  Silent Hill. I would be inclined to agree that it does serve to make confrontations more difficult. Especially, how it emphasizes the “fight or flight” response when you come across a creature. You either have the option to fight or run from the creature. The option is usually up to the player. The only exception is Pyramid Head, but that is fundamental to James Sunderland’s story. My point is that the combat is flawed and frustrating at times, but as a whole it actually serves to improve the player’s experience in dealing with James’ plight and have them begin resonating with him.

Personal Stake: Conclusion

Now I could go on about how great Silent Hill 2 is but that is not what this is truly about. What this really is about is that the Silent Hill series (just in general) came into my life in a time when I felt so alone. I grew up with very few friends and I was a bit odd. I never really knew how to interact with anyone. To initiate conversation with anyone was like pulling teeth. I felt like there was no way to make a connection. The friends I knew went in their own direction and left me to my own devices for a time. What I did in that time really showed me how lonely someone could get. My only solace at the time was Silent Hill 2. I had found a copy of it at Bookman’s which at the time there was no short supply of them (virtually none can be found now). However, there was something special about the copy I had found. When I came home and opened the box I found that it was covered in a bunch of signatures which turned out to be some of the developers. I only came to know the true value of this item to me after I played the game. Playing through it really taught me how to look into myself and realize all of my strengths and flaws. It helped shape who I am and I think likely who I will eventually become.


The Lord Of The Rings: The 3rd Age (Review)

Hello, My name is Charles and I’m here to review the “Lord Of The Rings: The 3rd Age” game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube Consoles. In this game, you control a party of 6 characters specifically created for this game consisting of Berethor: Captain of the Citadel Guard of Gondor (Human Male) (Leadership Skills, Sword & Shield), Idrial: Lothlorien Elf (Elven Female) (Sword & Light Magic), Elegost: Dunedain Ranger (Human Male) (Ranger Skills, Bow & Arrows), Hadhod: Clan of Fundin (Dwarven Male) (Axes, WarHammers & Shadow Magic), Morwen: Rohan’s Battle Maiden (Human Female) (Dual Axes & Thievery) & Eaoden: Rohan OutRider (Human Male) (Spears, Shields & Spirit Powers).

In certain parts of the game you will join forces with the heroes of the Lord Of The Rings movie franchise in order to combat certain enemies and bosses such as Gandalf the Grey (Wizard) (Magic) VS the Balrog of Morgoth on the Bridge of Khazad-Dum at the end of Eastern Moria, Gandalf the White (Wizard) (Magic) VS the WitchKing of Angmar astride his Fell Beast Near the end of Minas Tirith, Aranel: Idrial’s Brother (Elven Male) (Bow & Arrows) assisting you in battle against Saruman’s Fighting Uruk-Hai throughout key points at the East Enmet Gullies, Faramir: Son of Denethor (Human Male) (Bow & Arrows) VS the Orc Commander Gothmog at two key points at Osgiliath, Eowen: Shield Maiden of Rohan (Human Female) (Sword & Shield) VS the WitchKing of Angmar in direct combat at Pelennor Fields, Gimli: Son of Gloin (Dwarven Male) (Axes) assisting you at the Breached Wall at Helm’s Deep, Legolas: Son of Thranduil (Elven Male) (Dual Daggers) assisting you at the Deeping Wall at Helm’s Deep & Aragorn: Son of Arathorn (Human Male) (Sword) assisting you at the Gates of the HornBurg at Helm’s Deep and at Pelennor Fields.

At other times you fight infamous creatures and villains independently such as the Watcher in the Water at the entrance to Moria as well as inside Western Moria, Grima WormTongue at Snowbourne’s Great Hall, the Warg Rider captain Sharku just before arriving at Helm’s Deep, and the Dark Lord Sauron at the top of the Dark Tower of Barad-Dur. In this game, you will traverse Middle-Earth in order to help the Fellowship of the Ring save Middle-Earth from the Dark Forces of Mordor while traveling through exotic locations consisting of the Forests of Eregion, Western Moria, Eastern Moria, East Enmet Gullies, Rohan: Home of the Horse Lords, Helm’s Deep: Rohan’s Stronghold, Osgiliath: Gondor’s Capital, Minas Tirith: City of Kings and Pelennor Fields. This adventure you undertake takes place in the 3rd Age of Middle-Earth from the wilds of Eregion to a final confrontation against the Dark Lord Sauron at the Dark Fortress of Bara-Dur in the Land of Mordor.

During the game, you will unlock Epic Scenes which consists of specialized Lord of the Rings Movie Clips, most of which are personally narrated by Gandalf himself. In conclusion, Lord Of The Rings: The 3rd Age is a game that spans the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy franchise and in my opinion is ranked as the #1 game out of the entire Lord Of The Rings video game franchise.

As Posted By: Charles F.