Kickboxing at SEEDs for Autism

SEEDs for Autism continues to meet the needs of the autism community by presenting engaging online classes where participants can connect with their peers, share experiences and GROW. Kickboxing reduces stress, improves coordination, increases balance and boosts confidence. Presented by Katrina (SEEDs instructor), this exciting virtual kickboxing class has been very popular with our students. We asked SEEDs participants to share their experiences with us.

I was interested in kickboxing to join with my friends. I enjoyed the class. I learned a different type of exercise and it made me feel good in the end.

I attended the kickboxing group for fun. I experienced breathing, uppercut, side cut, and stretching. I enjoyed the fun music. I felt pumped up and strong.

The Kickboxing Experience
I’ve practiced in the ways of the Martial Arts for many years back when I lived in Indiana. I’ve learned a lot back then, mostly in the Art of Taekwondo. So when I heard there would be a Kickboxing class during the SEEDs chats, I went ahead and gave it a try so I could relive memories.
After the first class, I was sweating from all the punches and kicks I demonstrated, but it was worth it. It might not be like Taekwondo, but I find kickboxing to be simpler than what I’ve known back in Indy.
Since that first class, I’ve been attending kickboxing classes each time they show up on the SEEDs schedule. They provide a good way for me to stay active and in shape. I wonder what everyone else who attends kickboxing thinks after participating in this class?

I was interested in kickboxing because I wanted to do more exercise every day. I had a fun experience; I was able to see my friends and learn new movements. I learned how to do hooks, kicks, and upper cuts. What I enjoyed most was seeing Katrina (Instructor) and everyone trying so hard. It made me feel great to have a day of exercise.

I was interested because I wanted to see what kickboxing is all about. I liked the music and the atmosphere. It was just right. I was able to do all the moves. It is meant to be punches and kicks. It will teach you how to defend yourself. It can teach you defense moves and physical moves. I think I would recommend this class because it’s physical and it will teach you moves. But I have to be careful of my knees. It made me feel proud and made me sweat. I would choose both chair yoga and kickboxing.


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