Ed, Edd and Eddy by Sonja

Ed Edd N Eddy Wallpaper by Eds3999 on DeviantArt

I recently started watching an old cartoon that got picked up by HBO Max called Ed Edd and Eddy. It’s about three friends all with the same pronounced names called the Eds and they live in Peach Creek with the other kids. They are Kevin, Nazz, Rolf, Jimmy, Sarah, Johnny and his friend Plank (a piece of wood) and the Kanker sisters Lee, Marie and May. Then there are the Eds: Eddy the schemer who wants to take the kids’ money, Ed the lovable goofball and Edd or Double dee the smart and organized friend. Watching this show again brought back great memories of sitting in front of the tv on Saturday morning eating breakfast. If anyone is ever in the mood for classic cartoon watch this show.


Disney’s Epic Mickey(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review Disney’s Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii.


The game takes place in a special world created by Yen Sid (Fantasia’s the Sorcerer’s Apprentice) for long-forgotten toons which is called WasteLand.


You also travel through some old-time Mickey Mouse Cartoon settings, some of which are comprised of Steamboat Willie, Lonesome Ghosts, Mickey & the Beanstalk and Thru the Mirror.


In this game, you play as Mickey Mouse as he uses Yen Sid’s magic paintbrush to save and restore WasteLand as well as to thwart the Mad Doctor and Vanquish the Phantom Blot.


As Mickey, you use the magic paintbrush to utilize either Paint (color: Blue) to repair/restore or Thinner (color: Green) to destroy/erase.


While in WasteLand, Mickey meets animatronic versions of Donald, Goofy and Daisy, as well as Clarabelle Cow, Horse Horsecollar and various incarnations of Pete.


He also meets Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Mickey’s Disney predecessor), Ortensia (Oswald’s Sweetheart) as well as a majority of Helpful Gremlins.


In conclusion, I found this game to be a true celebration of Disney’s Greatest Mickey Mouse Cartoons ever created.

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